Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Website is UP

Visit my official website:


Friday, July 24, 2009

Months and months later

I am slowly getting through these hurdles, and figuring out little by little what direction I should take.

When painting this CD cover for a childhood friend , who is now a independent musician and owner of a new record label named "Ping-Pong", I realized how much my own experiences could affected my art works. As someone once suggested "painting from your experience with the help with unique technology" is the key point of succeed in the art field.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Babies on the Stick (steps)

Acrylic, 12x16,Illustration broad.

The first real (I mean REAL!!) painting that I have done in gazillion years . I'm very exhausted from attending wonder con today. Time to sleep...

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Print!

I went to take a printmaking class last Tuesday. AND I had my first print done in 2 and half hours!! Amazing experiences!! Will do it again when I am less busy...

A friend of my from China colored it for me, thanks a whole lot to him~

Oh, this monster has a name. but I am not going to tell you.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Life Drawing

20 mins pose, black female, 15x18,June 2008, Mission District.

Woman in Dress, 18x24, Oct, 2006, Long Beach

New York Subway, 8x11,Sep 2008, New York

Asian woman, 18x24, Nov 2006, Long Beach

Female in red, 18x24, Nov 2006, Long Beach

Woman in Purple, 18x24, Nov2008, Long Beach

Man in Pirate's costume,18x24, Dec 2006, Long Beach

Nude woman, 18x24, April 2004, Los Angeles

Peasant portrait, 8x11, Dec 2008, China

Man in red pants, 8x11, March 2007,Long Beach

Hands, 18x24, May 2004, Los Angeles

Girl In the Chair, 8x11, Dec 2008, China

Peasant's wife, 8x11, Dec 2008, China

Man In Centery Park, 8x11, Sep 2008, New York

girl 5 mins pose, 8x11, Sep 2007, Long Beach

Arm, 8x11, Dec 2006, New Jersey

Nude Woman 10 mins pose, 15x20, July 2008, Mission

5 mins gestrue, 8x11, July 2008, mission

Black Nude Female 20mins pose, 15x20, July 2008. Mission
1 min, 8x11,Dec 2007, Long Beach