Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Illustration!!

The first finished sketch, 8*12, Scanned in Photoshop

Color in photoshop, client wanted capcakes to be more subttle, and the face need to have more similarity to the real model

Face has changed. Client didn't like the new face, they want the old one.

Finished illustration.
Client changed their mind, so I m on my way to draw another cover for them.

I've spend so much time on this illustration..
The process of the whole is very very slow, but I think, making my client happy in the end is the key(sometimes is extremly hard). So in this project, my clients are constantly changing their mind, I followed every instructions that they had given.

: ( I need some rewards....


雨霏 said...


cheryl lin said...

good job hon !

i sorta thought the light strip on the right should be behind the cupcake.. but that's small potato. good to see you back in your work zone again :)

todd said...

The shoes on the character's feet look like something you would wear, Ying...;)