Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Megan finally....started to ROCK!

My publisher wanted to create a back cover which includes a cover for the second book series " Megan Hearts Guitar". What a smart/bright/brilliant idea and concept for teenage girls! Well, I'm looking forward to work on the second book.
Now it's time for the real footages.

Stage 1: Getting the basic layout and concept. Sent it over to publisher. Approved.

Stage 2: Cleaned up sketch.

Stage 3: Refined, detail sketch. Ready to scan.

Stage 4 : Scanned and colored in Photoshop CS 2. All Done!


Steph said...

hm... one of the eyes on the right girl looks kinda weird. is she winking?

Ralphious said...

The eyes looks fine to me, even the mole under the left eye, great detail. I like that Megan is playing an Epiphone PR5-E acoustic guitar, that model is solid. If you really want to nit pick, the two dots on the twelfth fret, should be two spaces under the single dot that is placed on the 9th fret. So the two dots on the guitar board should be one space lower. Than again, no one will probably notice that.